The View of You

There you were sitting at the corner of the coffee shop. I didn’t think twice that it was you. Your hair, your stance, the way you sip your coffee. They were signs that I wasn’t hallucinating. You were there waiting for me. After nearly 5 years of not seeing skin to skin, there you were. And I am just nearby.

I went straight ahead and sat at the chair in front of you. You weren’t surprised. You said you knew already that I'm the person coming closer to you, nearer to you. And after I sat all I did was look at you.

I looked at you. That’s all I did. You didn’t complain, you didn’t mock me. You let me stare at you. You let me quench my thirst of examining every inch of you. It was 5 years, but you feel the same. But I know my nostalgia will end soon.

You looked at me, but not like how I looked at you. After that one look you didn’t look at me again. The exchange of reminiscing was over already. I was left unacknowledge. There we were - two bodies in one table. But I felt like I was sitting with loneliness.

After an hour or so, we decided to leave. We walked some steps outside and that was our meeting. A meeting of two souls who both hunger for their dreams. The sad part is these dreams separated our blooming connection.

And so you left. And I knew that it was the end. An end of the dream I wanted to make reality. The dream of having you, of consuming you. Your actions, your words, they all mean the same.

You have forgotten me even before I became a part of you.

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