Sinulat ni: d LittleStar makes me sweat! makes me chill!

it drains me 'til the last drop of creativity i got.

i can't breath,
my heart skip-a-beat.

double the challenge,
double the fun,'
til I'm drain if I got none.

or better yet take everything seriously

to comply what it takes to be a next generation writer. ............................................................

wala lang!

the answers to a wish

Sinulat ni: Therese Carmel

so many pictures in my eyes right now
i just wish i could go back
they say its a glimpse of life
life from the maker

wish that i one day could be there
for sure i would ask
if my mother around?

wish that i one day would go back from old memories
where there was heavens of joy
lot of laughter and life is young

wish that i one day would see reality
from not the perspective of learning
but to reverse the written, literature they say, a culture of race

wish that i could walk alone
without anyone who would eye on me
and wonder on mind

wish that i could draw pictures into letter
sand emotions would be seen
framed it and put on display

wish that i could do something
be that powerful
posses all things

wish that i am the hand for everyone
to all face i have met and seen
their eyes?they spoke to what is written

wish that i have seen everything
without realizing
but just keep on wishing

wish that i don't have to anymore
well, i ask, is there a thing?
to make it all for real

answer is nothing

On With The Show

Sinulat ni: Antonio

On with the show

On with the show...
The curtain rises.
flood the stage.
Places, every one, on cue!

On with the show...
Deliver your lines in precision.
As rehearsed, as choreographed,
Do not falter now, pick up the pace.

On with the show...
Just see the scene through.
Damn the way those eyes sparkled,
Or those champagne kisses.

On with the show...
Forget the warm tight hugs,
Or that swaying in a slow dance,
To the beating of your hearts.

On with the show...Forget that
walk in the rain.
No one needs to know the misery.
Get in shape and get into the act.

On with the show...
It was all but a mere fiasco.
for the audience's bravo,
Not for those nocturnal drives.

with the show...
Tuck the tear, it smears,
It smudges, it gets in the way.
Just go walk into the sunshine.

On with the show...
The final act is coming.
Curtesy deeper than the pain.
Don't even dignify with a goodbye.


Sinulat ni: Therese Carmel

was listening to the audio
it was a music, a sound from a drum beat

once upon a time
there was a dreamer
a loner
called himself a maker
and so he created a world
called "moon"
he wandered
he planted imaginations
joys were easy as laughter

he met a lady
he created another story

now the plot
is the moon with colors of silver dust of yellow

they danced on circle
they run on circle
until they got tired and found out it has to end

how?the loner said
when on his mind its a perfect world
but really, it is for his own
without realizing the deeper thoughts for others
to let them too smile and see
and maybe say" ah that is your world"
but no, he was enjoying his power of creation

until. he decided to put another character on it
and look now, what happened?
his world of moon
with plot of all
with his own creation
he now cannot hold
he cant control what is beyond of the other world character

and so he was left
blind eyed

the other eye serves to see something green, he said
a little happiness or joy is it?

i don't know
he is up for the new world
to get back on reality
to make another story
with a real character
real emotion of others
real deep thought of others

and use his own perceptions
and hopefully
he could create
a new story
a new plot
a reality.

Champagne Intoxication

Sinulat ni: Antonio

(After reading Peter Nery's How to Survive Waiting for the Season of Strawberries)

I don't really drink.
But on nights when
I miss you dreadfully;
Which means
Every night henceforth,
I will drink bottles of
remind myself
How your tongue tasted
When we first kissed.
Strawberries go well
With champagne they say.
So when I beginTo become an alcoholic
I'll revert to
Sucking strawberries
To remind myself
How champagne tastes
Or to remind me
How you

As forgetting

Sinulat ni: Antonio

Writing as forgetting"I'd Like to think of writing as a way of forgetting"
-Prof. John E. Barrios

This pen traces lines
Of forgetting,
Distills every tear shed
Shedding, yet to be shed,
And sublimates
Every pain felt
Feeling, yet to be felt,
In a poem that has
Rhyme and measure
Organic unity
And objectified correlatives
In a moment of
Emotional distance,
Poetic proximity
And ritual release
That speaks of
Throbbing, numbing, lingering
Static pain.
Every scribble brings
Vivid remembrances.
Hence, forget forgetting!
I write, I remember
Another poem, another attempt
At forgetting
Yet remembering

if you know the meaning

Sinulat ni: Therese Carmel

for a million words



but can you see something?
out of a face
of a man
who would ask you this
are you sad to know all this meaning?