'a continuation of colors,past from remembering"

sinulat ni:Therese Carmel

Her eyes were yellow
She was wearing brown

Her eyes were white
Rolling as porcelain bright

Her eyes were that of the finest trees
Like that one on the mountain when it freeze

In the visions
She was wearing all pink again

Swaying her hair like I could smell it from that far
In distance, I asked.

Where she have been
For so long I was waiting

For one thing to just leave a sign
Like ribbons

Ribbons from heart
But her hair

Her hair was flowing
With that thickness

Thickness of colors maybe
Black it was

That passion
Burns in my eyes

Now call it desire
Fire in heaven she wants

Dancing now

To the tune
Where her love was floating

She keeps on walking
She was lovely
She was pink

She was the beauty I was singing within
And I thought I had eyes
Together with those flying ears

Swinging in to the tune of loves

And again her hair was swingingI love to dance tonight
With that beauty who caresses me

To the tune
To the tune of loves
Of loves That was created
From the heaven of beautiful eyes
And she was pinkPink pink all again

Dancing to the tune of love
Where music has begun
And she taught me how to dance
One time I was looking for
white smiles I could sense
From heaven she smiles with a sense of things

That brown trees?
Of that leafs
It was swaying to the leaf
To the tune of life,s

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