In Lieu of a Heartbreak Song

Sinulat ni: Antonio

In lieu of a heartbreak song I wrote a poem...matagal tagal din... At oo...true story to... Broken hearted na naman po ako...Sheesh...

In Lieu of A Heart Break Song
How do I mourn you properly?
Do I need to don night's garments
To conceal a deeper darkness
In my vain search for your shadow?
Do I faithfully keep vigil
Over the casket of longing?
Burn candles and recite requiems
While the stars drop dead one by one?
Shall I commit you to the earth
With no bother for epitaphs?
Or reduce to ashes instead
To fill an empty and cold urn?
I'll forever mourn you instead,
By the smiles I call forth rains with,
By every sigh masked as breathing
And the nifty phrase

"moving on".

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