sinulat ni: Mallory Lavu

Hey Master! I really want that blue ribbon but why did you give me this maroon ribbon instead?! Chuchu…”

I’m really sad because I didn’t get what I asked for… Do you understand me?

Recently I asked my master to buy me a ribbon, “I saw this shimmering blue ribbon in the store and I really love to have it.”, I told my master.

He pronised me to give one, but the next morning I was disappointed to see a maroon ribbon lying beside me with a note that says “here’s the ribbon I promised… with love M. Little Star.”

I was really disappointed. The one I asked for is not the one given to me…

Questions in my mind keep bothering me. Why my master did give me this? Have he forgotten my wish? Doesn’t he want me to be happy?

I cried and was really sad. I’m not aware he’s watching me and when he saw me crying hard, he tap my shoulder and said “I saw the ribbon you we’re asking for, but I also saw many rats who were wearing the same ribbon. My Lavu, I love you so that I want something special for you. I saw the maroon ribbon best for you. You may not see its beauty yet because of your resentment but believe me, all I want is the best for you. Someday you will understand. I love you.” Then he embraced me and kissed me before he goes back to work.

Days passed… and little by little I saw his purpose in giving me the maroon ribb0n…little by little I was amazed of how he intends it to be… and little by little I understood my master. And now, I’m really thankful he gave me this instead of what I wished. He really knows what’s best for me! -

Thing we wanted are not always given for a purpose-

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