On With The Show

Sinulat ni: Antonio

On with the show

On with the show...
The curtain rises.
flood the stage.
Places, every one, on cue!

On with the show...
Deliver your lines in precision.
As rehearsed, as choreographed,
Do not falter now, pick up the pace.

On with the show...
Just see the scene through.
Damn the way those eyes sparkled,
Or those champagne kisses.

On with the show...
Forget the warm tight hugs,
Or that swaying in a slow dance,
To the beating of your hearts.

On with the show...Forget that
walk in the rain.
No one needs to know the misery.
Get in shape and get into the act.

On with the show...
It was all but a mere fiasco.
for the audience's bravo,
Not for those nocturnal drives.

with the show...
Tuck the tear, it smears,
It smudges, it gets in the way.
Just go walk into the sunshine.

On with the show...
The final act is coming.
Curtesy deeper than the pain.
Don't even dignify with a goodbye.

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