Sinulat ni: Antonio

Sosyal yata ang nasawing pag ibig na to.
English ang lumalabas na luha...
sana last na to...
ayokong na oobjectify sya eh...
They made an incision on the abdomen,
To take out the offending organ.
Most likely, because it is inflamed,
Or worse,
it could be ruptured.
It's just a minor surgery,
Medical advancements ensured.
It has to be done quickly,
Quicker than you could say, sepsis.
Then they stitched or stapled up nicely,
Now all that needs to be done is recover.
What was taken would never be missed.
They are sure,
life could go on without it.
Despite the breakthroughs,
they still cant say,
If this organ is needed or not.
It all sounds like a relationship to me.
I just wonder if they took out your heart too.

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