the answers to a wish

Sinulat ni: Therese Carmel

so many pictures in my eyes right now
i just wish i could go back
they say its a glimpse of life
life from the maker

wish that i one day could be there
for sure i would ask
if my mother around?

wish that i one day would go back from old memories
where there was heavens of joy
lot of laughter and life is young

wish that i one day would see reality
from not the perspective of learning
but to reverse the written, literature they say, a culture of race

wish that i could walk alone
without anyone who would eye on me
and wonder on mind

wish that i could draw pictures into letter
sand emotions would be seen
framed it and put on display

wish that i could do something
be that powerful
posses all things

wish that i am the hand for everyone
to all face i have met and seen
their eyes?they spoke to what is written

wish that i have seen everything
without realizing
but just keep on wishing

wish that i don't have to anymore
well, i ask, is there a thing?
to make it all for real

answer is nothing

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