Rebirth of the Ancient Cities


tiny creatures of the earth
submerged in mere folly
of an ancient cities; once
burned and sacked by
the heavens wrath

Woe to thee people of dust,
transporting thy self to the
hot mass of deluge, turning
against the path bestowed upon
the dilapidating race of mankind
by the Son of Man..

Who says that we live in an age
where gods of the myth
were already killed by the saints?

Who says that we live in an age
where idolatrous craps do not exist
any longer?

Thats at least for a while

For gods of the myth had only
put on a rest upon the fallacy
they once disseminated upon
our ancient fathers..
And now the idols have regained
their strength; reigning within
the threshold of rationalism.


A city breathing through the devils
breathe, kissed by the fallen mass
of angels, there rests the couch
he seeks and found, an idol god
named reason..

A throne imbued with the licks
of lust, drugs, and crime
and within the core of the sun,
in the name of an idol god,
there sprout out the culture of death,

spreading throughout his empire

Hail thou sleepers, get up and rise!
Climb the pinnacle of the highest plateau,
then come watch below..
Witness the rebirth of the ancient cities!

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