A Decade of Remembering

Sitting there nothing
On my mind thinking
Plainly is of something
Motions are stuck on my eyesight’s blocking

Then a strong feeling of old was coming
To my heart it was beating
Rumbling like a big thunder soft to the start of the beginning
Where my world was all on pink running

It was no other than the solitaire beauty
That one lady
With gold and ribbons in her eyes, round and so bright
Can’t believe she was there, walking again on my sight

Leaving her essence
Like a smooth feeling of a great sense
From her skin that’s so white soft porcelain
On that air it was moving, staying as colorful as pink

Like it could mold into a thing
Where moon and sun are dancing
A smell of gold, a sound of romance all hearing
All together in one moment, all together in one happening

Thee lady is there, not knowing how to believe how true it is, thinking
Oh moon and sun are smiling, emotions are stuck and praying
Talking to both planets inside of a heart, there it sounds of a million beating
Pink, pink, pink, pink it’s saying, pink it seeing, pink its sensing

It was the destined solitaire lady
Back from there to my reality
Amazing but truly
From a decade now I’ve see. Wonderful it is, I’m free

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