Coffe with God

If He'd ask me
How I'm doing
I'd say nothing much
Just improving
My thoughts, my life
And finding reasons
To strive
To live in a place
To live and not waste
Any moment
and every event.

If He'd allow me
To ask anything
I think I would ask
Why create everything?
All You do is look at us
From above
Gaze and stare
Even if were not aware
The gift of life
Surely is a gift
But more of a curse
And we suffer from it.

We love other people
We invest emotions
But in the end You'll take them
Without any caution

That our hearts will become
Gallons of tears will soon
The healing is not assured
Mostly there is no

We get sick
We become evil
We destroy
And we will
Do it over and over
Why create us then?

Maybe He'll just laugh
Or maybe He'd ask
What do you want?

I'll look at Him
As I give Him my mug
Words from my mouth
"Please fill my empty cup"

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