I Miss You

Everyday and every night i fight this feelin inside
Every morning when the sun touch me it keeps creepin inside
Loneliness and sadness keeps pullin me down
My mind surrender and die
My heart says i need you around
Makin myself damn busy to all of those damn thing
Keepin the pain and just mindin my own thing

But then i realized that i gots to keep clear
Gotta tell you how i feel
Gotta show that its real
Baby girl you know youll be forever be my boo
Nobody can replace the love i had for you
All the time we spend together
It seems to last forever
But now im breakin down
And i need you girl around
I miss you

All i want is for this love to last forever
And all i needed is you and me together
But you walked away and never came back
And all i gotta do is just cry lay flat on my back
Memories of good times when we are still together
Rememberin the time when we love to see each other
Its from the time that id walked you home
Until the time that i wish i could take you home

But now your gone
Baby girl and i need you by my side
And there are tears and heart aches
that i wished that i could hide
Its your lips and your kissin the life that were livin
I know i aint dreamin coz its your love that ive been missin
Im twisted girl without you i get drifted
For all of my life its your love that i have waited
I miss you...

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