Maybe its like the air that blows
Flows on every morning

Maybe its like the water
That slowly dropping

Like the rain
Liquid then on the earth it is kissing

Like those bluish wonders

Maybe the clouds
That are soft and with amazing color

Red maybe
Where those mountains are full of colors, like red

Its nonsense maybe
To say all this

But to describe an angel of love
Of a goddess

What does it takes of words?
Even I can’t imagine how great that to even stroke of words was

Of letters of anything to imagine a goddess breathens’
I’m guessing its when she walks

When she that lady of goddess sits besides me
And the air was playfully speaking to see

To words they are forming
From her hair to her skin

To her eyes
To her skin

To her simplicity
Their I saw it within her I know

It was when she just looks at all things for her to see
When she simply she

Another was when that lady
Brown on her skin

She was lovely
She breaths like heaven too

But far it is to see
To imagine it would be that so low to say for sake of this

But today it was that air to her hair
That one beauty

She breaths like so lovely purely
An angel like from the heaven wand like

Wand like from a magical site
Her smell was like new

Fresh and cold
Green and so much of sense to unfold

Maybe she was from the mountain of pureness
That never on this land could sense that one

That one, that lady with angel like one
She was the first one was simply standing

And by far I am I could see to her eyes
Her eyes was speaking like, watch me as I breathe within this eyes of mine

Then it was there on bold she breaths like that
Like the morning drops and a sun shine

Like a fresh rain
Where she was speaking and from there she was simply her

Being her was when she breathed
Simple yet soundly

Fresh and purely
Like the green

Where those green grasses are being froze
By a one moment of rain

From heaven
Where she was the goddess of rain

Then this lady another beauty
She was walking towards where she might be

Her hair was flowing
From there the air was to my sight talking

I am breathing
With this flow I am glowing

From there I’d sense her’
It was her hair

That smells of her air to the air
That how she was when she does, that lady.

Another lady a kind of goddess that are wanting to flee
Flew away high maybe

To wander to any sight
Or just simply to get or wanting a attention from any passer by or lookers stand by

That lady simple another simple kind
Yet her smell of her hair

Or maybe from her fresh perfume
It was there when that certain smells finally float to the air from the air cold of that place

Place on such it was on the circle of everything
Where everyone was busy doing their own things

And I was there doing mine
Rational to say, straight, logic and all that to anyone just to belong to rhyme

Where everything is moving and her I simply see that
Those smell that sense of her from moving to one

To one to anyone
To maybe get that smell of her which is on the colorless air was on the run

Confusing these words is now
But that moment that certain happening was deep and hard to say for a line of how’s

And I know it’s her
When she does that, it simply sense

I sense
To the air

They sense
To her eyes I sense

To her movements
I sense to anyone to movements

To motions
To anything I sense

Sometimes it is really insane
Or to say out of her out of explanations for one to understand

But it’s something a part of therapy of science for my kind
Or whatever this is, its my own breathed and that I breathe

A part of that breathing is remembering
Like right now I am thinking

Of one lady,
To think, whom I love now, not on my blood

But to a romance kind
Whom I love?

I can’t figure out
But I am thinking

I am left behind
I breathed, but I am a little out of it

I am on the past thinking
This world has a lot of beauty for a romance

So to say who, I’m in love for a romance
I love every human kind eye

Yes I love every eye I’ve seen
To where they are talking

But to be specific I am in love with whom to run?
These lines are far to granted my own wishful wish line

I am not the one; I lose my breathing on this one
To go back tomorrow maybe to her I would see

That goddess
To know how is she

How was she
That white pure beauty

A more than words to see
A more than words to flat on any surface to write

A more than this
A more than the magical thoughts I could ever sense or deep think

A more than this
More than any letter to start to begin with

To say ah that’s how an angel breathed
And today this lady has on my sight talks about new fresh air

On which she was on the yellow beauty
Wearing those from her skin

Beauty and eyes
As if it was talking to my sight

She voices her words
and spoke for a quite time to count how

looking at her was like looking to my own eyes
simply she was very kind, her beauty was like the one whose dancing

on those of top mountains
where she was trying to come down to the desert and be alone but with someone else

and in about two or three few split words there
I’ve known, I’d felt it was her she was simple yet more

Pretty I say and breathed of an angel one like
Wanting to float to that high on those of clouds above from heavens above

The other were mist I saw
That beauty were my eyes stuck into

That one lady she has that eyes of unique kind
She smiles with her white teeth and it was plain yet

Yet it was moving
It felt like I was walking in a moon

Where there were plain of green
And her on the other side of that

On earth she was living
Then this lady with those eyes with the skin of a cared most

Gentle on looking
Yet her eyes were talking

And on the books she was finding
She was simply looking for something

But her, seeing her there
On that place sitting

And was there that beauty
It was like from far I could hear her beating

Of her heart that is beating or pumping of blood
Then breath to her nose

Then her is so lovely simple and lovely
Just like the one passer by lady

With smell like I cannot find
Or sense I might

It was again like the mountain top
That smell of her of her breathed was like

And now, I remember the one who’s sitting behind me
The pink lady

But I cant I can’t write deep linings to that simple yet tempting beauty
To know her breathing is to like her in a way of knowing

So I would rather choose to stay at the front and guess at her
And she, she was always there, simple as her

I know that lady has more of what I see
Even on sense it is plenty

She is simple a quite kind
One that is made to stay is, above that breezy air of the greens

And it is lovely to know them for a day
To see them to hear them those are moving gracing thing

That whenever I see them
I could always say “ I know that lady and yes she breathed like this to me”

And now I would probably know
How it was, how it is, how it is now to see and gaze

That beauty, that beauty that only happens
When one breathe she could, and she did, she breathed

Breathed like something like those of the air
That keeps on flowing, or gracing even dancing, call it whatever you want to be

As long as it is moving
Then there that lady, breathing, and breathe

That’s how she is
When she breathed

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