Left over Love

Why does it have to be love again?
That always and always be a reasons for everything

For every move you’ll do, there it is your mind that thinks of one true
One step, would lead you back from start where you first saw her beauty that rest

One step forward, would make you think of love of the future
On how would it be, is their a possibility? To be with one beauty

One thing to accomplish is something a pride of her name
One thing to be ashamed is one hateful desire of shame

Always seeks for a love to win to be on fame
Of a love of a center to be again running all over again, all lame

It’s like a repeating process of illness wicked mind
Make you fall, got beaten down, and now your broken?

That’s a shame, unfair and your blood it will drain
And leaves you only asking for a question, why? Nothing to you will remain.

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