The World of Lovers

She walks to the earth that very fine morning
Her hair were flowing to the air, as she was moving

Her graceful body stroke as she was approaching
Her eyes suddenly becomes glooming, shining, and to me was whispering

‘Twas like her soul is saying “I’m a lady with soul so freely, love me and be my forever’s thee”
To my soul hearing and to my heart it was shouting

And there every breathe, every air is her name, saying
From a blood to the veins that was moving, to the heart it keeps flowing.

When she spoke, slowly her mouth was like the sun that’s on earth is kissing
And her words is the one who is under, touching, like a sun that is raising

She moves her hands as she was taking
Something out from my sightings;

It was like a heaven that is leaving
Leaving the earth and gives a sun a big hugging

Romantic is it to see, both planets are such lovely
After all two lovers are living in separate worlds, called beauty

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