A story:
One day there was this man
He was all alone in the world he created for himself and to none
He plan his world out from his great imagination
He created it as if he is the god
He planted joys of trees and everything from it
Along with the creatures from above of heaven to the waters of ocean
Then he made rocks and riches of lone

It was a perfect world…

He wanders
From the vast’ness of the his lands
His sands
His oceans
His all
His creation

And so he got tired
How deeply it was he got tired.. he felt it..
It was coming from inside
Not from his skin
Nor from his heavens
He thought of it as a conflict of his being
He struggle to live
He struggle until he was numb

He was numb and back again
Blood from him
He was a thirst of blood suckers of death eaters

He seeks for something
He cannot knows it
Until he would gone wandering and wonder was his being
He floats himself to the skies
He grasp the sand to his hands
He eats the foods in the lands
Tasted the bitterness of oceans
From the lake of waters
There he saw..finally he saw
This is isn’t me I know
From the reflection he speaks
I need you”
From reflection it answers
Come seek me to come to you”
From there he draws
A figure of a person..
A creation to perfectly being
Now his not one to see

The lady awoke
From where was i?”
The man answers, from my heart you were
And you need me?
I do not..
And why do I came
I do not know..

He can’t for he doesn’t know
The answers to his own question
It was his creation
Yet the formula wasn’t that magically answers everything
Yes he holds power to create
but out of everything from him
is an unknown things
and he cant know and he doesn’t know

..from his feelings to inner skins
He felt sudden sadness
Eyes were sober of fox
From the sand to the air
It flew
It whispers to him
Grasp me now
To his soul it aims
He felt it

..just like the air,,,he created it but not to feel..
But you see he felt..

He felt it..
And now..

Ah I know now..
I feel..
I seek
I need
I ask
I am..

And so I need you lady
I need you..

..he folds his hand to hers
Can you feel the warmth?..

That’s the answer to everything..

Then he found his another, a part of his being.a partner.

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