LUst IS YOur Last

I the angry and the desperate
Never have you till then
You made your self-close

You intimidator
Make me desperate
Provoking, hatred

Selfish hoodwink
You only heed for what you feel

As I show my existence
You never care what it was

What kind of mortal are you?
You evildoer, monster at my bed
You are the great nightmare of my life

You bring me self-pity
As you know that am craving for you
You put your self on forward

Never thinking I was there
You only see me through out your

I hate you
Finest word to say

I hate you
My body is on tremor
Angry, slowly coating my soul

My teeth gnashing
Coz of pain you've left

No sounds
Heart palpitate
Reminding me that am still breathing

This will be kept
As I know you


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