One Glance

One look and that has changed everything
All turned magic and amazing

Her beauty has changed the world of mine
Where now it turned purple solemn kind

Used to have echoes on the walls
Colors of the earth’s surface that I call floors

But now there is singing
And dancing, colors turned rainbow alive and playing

Used to have plain imagination that playfully gathers my emotion
And thoughts of tomorrows are simple and plain

Now there is a picture out of that thinking
Where she is a center of everything

The days are common
With things to be getting to move on

Then now it is so new and something’
Like what is it that I must for thee be doing?

To make her see
That I’m right here standing freely

Used to have mornings and nights of common
Now there is a dream where sun eats the moon

And put up a big fire icing romance
Where only both of us are in holding and dancin’

Use to have trees that is green with brown linings
Turned out that it too has a bone and moving

It’s all alive, could feel it’s all moving
With one glance all that I used to have has gone changing.

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