Saturday Morning

27 wounds and a word embedded on my wrists are all i needed for me to realize is that my only hope was taken away from me once again..why does it have to be always like this?why me?so much fo everything that i held on to..i am tired..tired of believing all the false hopes and broken dreams..i have become a skeptic..a skeptic who will never be the same old gullible person that i was..but i still need to know the reason of my being..the reason why the wind took him away from me..i need to understand for me to calm the beast that i have become..i need to understand for me to save myself from the horror that i might do to myself..

at least for now..saturday morning07/07/07


The beast inside was the beauty that sleeps between you and me Last saturday morning!!!

Pen Palaboy:

but the beauty that laid between you and I can no longer be seen..for these naked eyes can only see what is the wicked and what is unwanted..for this emotion can only feel angst and bitterness..this is my sweet revenge..this is what i have become since saturday morning..


I was once blinded by the promise of blood and even tasted the kiss of ogre.If my words and poem can't save you from the beast that lives inside of you. I'll cry an endless masterpiece that paints the sweet revenge of a one dead poet. AhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHH

Pen Palaboy

If thy scream can serenade
the soul of the beast inside a helpless poet..
then maybe,
just maybe,
a glorious serenity
will blow the arms of these hands
and calm the horror within

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